Write It Right 1

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Write It Right is a three-book series serving as a practical guide to academic writing. This series introduces students to the basics of academic writing, provides them with the tools and knowledge to compose essays in the different genres and guides them through the writing process from topic through to final draft.

Write It Right 1
The first book of the series introduces students at the Pre-Intermediate level to four-paragraph essays. The first unit reviews the basics of paragraph writing while the second is a generic guideline for writing a four-paragraph essay. Each of the following four units addresses a particular genre of writing – Narrative, Descriptive, Expository and Opinion. The final unit introduces students to the basics of summary writing.

Each unit in the book contains:

  • explanatory notes and sample essays to illustrate each genre of writing.
  • steps in the writing process for each essay genre.
  • writing activities for students to practise each essay genre.
  • presentations of relevant grammar and structure points with practice exercises to improve students’ writing accuracy and style.