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JustRead is Just English’s extensive reading programme for English language learners. To be fluent in the language, learners must be exposed to it frequently and consistently. Reading extensively helps the brain to capture, recognize and retain sentence patterns and structures, and that’s how most people get to be good at language.

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Variety of Articles & Subjects

Reading should be interesting and fascinating! We have articles on many interesting topics for you, with plenty of things to discover and learn about!

Graded Language

The language level must be right for you. Material that is difficult to read and understand doesn’t help.
Our articles are graded according to level of difficulty, to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) for languages, in fact. So you can learn to enjoy reading increasingly challenging pieces without struggling.

Confidence and Motivation

We help you become more confident in English. The more you read, the better you will be without having to memorise a lot grammar rules. The better you are at English, the more you’ll want to improve!

Check Your Understanding

We have included a few questions for each article just to help you check your understanding of what you have read. Quick and easy!

Lifelong Habit & Success

Reading is THE habit for success, as a lifelong habit reading will help you grow intellectually and in many other ways. All successful people in the modern world have it, and so should you.