Just English Explorer Vol 17 Issue 3 Digital Edition (Coming Soon)

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Features of Just English Explorer Magazine

  • Target readers – For students 10 – 15 years old
  • Frequency – A bimonthly magazine (6 issues per year)
  • Articles – Cover the whole spectrum of reading genres:
    • Reports (scientific, information, sports, newspaper)
    • Narratives (extracts, short story, poem, classical, traditional tale, legend)
    • Recounts (stories describing a series of events – personal experiences/biography, historical, factual, literary, poetic)
    • Procedure (instruction or method of doing or making something)
    • Description (poem, everyday life experience, animals)
  • The articles are graded (elementary, intermediate, advanced) – different levels for reading compatibility and level check.
  • At the end of most articles are:
    • A summary to aid understanding
    • A glossary of a list of difficult words and their definitions to guide students
    • Grammar tools used in the article
    • Reading comprehension questions to guide students and teachers in understanding the article
    • Suggested activities for further practices
  • Fun language exercises from Just English Language & Study Guide and games, such as word search and spot the difference to end the magazine.
  • Usefulness – For classroom or self-study:
    • Teachers: “An excellent resource for classroom teaching – for developing reading and writing skills!”
    • Students: “Interesting articles. I have learnt so much. I can think and write more creatively now. Reading is fun!”