The Big Picture A1 Beginner Student’s Book

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The Big Picture (Just English edition) is a highly visual, easy-to-use, five-level course for young adult learners of English, offering 50 hours of core classroom material. It combines real-life, relevant, international contexts with striking images to engage students, while carefully graded activities give them the opportunities and support they need to express themselves with confidence.

This series spotlights listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary. As students work through the levels, they acquire the skills, grammatical knowledge and range of vocabulary needed to be more proficient users of the language at each particular level. The ultimate aim of this series is to hone students’ proficiency and accuracy in the use of English so that they can excel in standardised exams like the UEC and ESOL exams.

  • Thought-provoking images and texts work together in every lesson to introduce the topics and stimulate discussion
  • A systematic vocabulary building strand encourages students to use new words and phrases in real-life contexts
  • Grammar sections focus on authentic, useful language and high-frequency expressions, and are topic and context driven
  • Review units featuring multiple choice and error detection style type questions test students’ grasp of knowledge acquired.


Student’s Book

  • 24 topic-based units
  • 3 review units

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Teacher’s Book

  • Complete answer keys and transcripts
  • Samples of teaching notes
  • Class audio CDs
  • Lively recordings with a wide variety of voices and

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